The Best Toys for Fine Motor Skills

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Fine motor skills are a key development milestone for a good reason, these intricate movements that involve the coordination of small muscles, allowing children to explore and develop the ability to grasp, manipulate, and explore their surroundings with precision. You can read more in our article, ‘How to Help Your Child Develop Fine Motor Skills.’.

At the Early Learning Centre, we have developed a range of engaging and fun toys that will support different movement development during play time, here are a few of our favourites!

Toys for Fine Motor Skill Development

1. Early Learning Centre Wooden Twisty Rainbow Ring

This Wooden Twisty Rainbow Ring is more than a vibrant first toy, it’s a great option for fine motor skills development in the early stages. Crafted with a series of colourful, twistable rings that influence finger strength, hand-eye coordination, and tactile exploration!

As your little explorer engages with the twisty rings, they will be refining their grasp, hand strength and develop the precision needed for later development such as learning to write.

As emphasised on, in the guideline for early years foundations stages, manipulation of toys is a key element in development and refinement of fine motor skills during early childhood.

2. Early Learning Centre Twist and Turn Activity House

With lots of different activities, the Twist and Turn Activity House is recommended for children aged between 1 and 2 years old.

This fun house design enhances hand movements for all abilities, simpler actions are encouraged by turning the cog handles to spin the cogs or by opening and closing the doors.

As baby progresses to more complex skills they can post the right shapes in the corresponding holes and use the hammer to tap them in or push the balls into the chimney to see them shoot down the ball run or turn the keys to open the doors.

Each stage encourages a different movement and corresponding reward.


Activity house for fine motor skills.

3. Early Learning Centre Pop Up Jungle Animals

For younger explorers, the Early Learning Centre Pop Up Jungle Animals are much more than just fun – they are skill-building playmates!

Designed to engage and challenge, these pop-up animals stimulate hand-eye coordination, finger strength, dexterity, and problem-solving skills. As your child pops, presses, and is captivated by the vibrant animals, they will be refining their fine motor skills.

This is a fun action and reward problem solving toy suitable for children aged 9 to 24 months.

4. Early Learning Centre Rosie Rabbit and her Motor Car

If you’re looking for an adorable Rabbit friend, look no further!  Rosie Rabbit and Her Motor Car features a cute little rabbit with a pink car.

Aimed at children between 1 and 3 years old this car and figure are a great way to encourage story telling and imagination while supporting motor development. As your little explorer pushes and manoeuvres Rosie’s motor car, they will be enhancing their coordination and finger strength.  Rosie’s arms, leg and head also move to encourage finer motor skills and finger manipulation.

5. Early Learning Centre Wooden Glockenspiel

Introduce  the world of music and sound while fostering fine motor skills with the Wooden Glockenspiel. Recommended for children aged 1 to 3 years old.

This instrument encourages hand movements and precise finger coordination and striking the colourful metal keys will motivate finger and hand control, you may even find a natural musical talent along the way.

To read more about the effects of music on early development, read more in our article ‘5 Ways Music Helps Your Child Develop’.

6. Early Learning Centre Wooden Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter


This lovely Wooden Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter has been designed to combine shape recognition with fine motor skill development. Children aged 1 to 3 years old, can match the animal shapes with the corresponding slots, which promotes hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and precise hand movements.

Shape-sorting activities play a pivotal role in refining fine motor skills during early childhood.


7. Early Learning Centre Star Links

The Early Learning Centre Star Links is a interactive, versatile toy offering a variety of linking possibilities, captivating children while enhancing hand movements, finger muscles and coordination.

With interlocking star-shapes feature a chunky shape with smooth, rounded end bobbles that encourage children to grasp and twist to create 3D shapes, the bright colours can be used for colour matching games and colour recognition for children aged 1 year up.

8. Early Learning Centre Learn to Dress Louis Soft Rag Doll

The Learn to Dress Louis Soft Rag Doll is an interactive friend for children aged 18 months to 4 years olds.

Designed with a variety of dressing features to encourage learning, Louis features sturdy zips, big buttons, and shoelaces, allowing your little one to practice the new motor and finger control needed for essential dressing skills.

With a variety of toys to choose from that can act as tools for your child’s development, don’t be afraid to experiment and try innovative approaches. To discover more useful toys, take a glance at our fine motor skills toys.

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