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Baby Equipment

Getting ready for a new baby is an exciting time. There's so much to plan and get ready ahead of their arrival, after all! That's where our line of baby equipment comes in – make a list of your favourites and must-haves and grab all the essentials. We've made sure to cover all the basics, from pure practicality to stylish and sleek, giving you free rein over all the baby products. Shop our range today!

What kinds of baby equipment is there?

It can get overwhelming looking through all the options in the world of baby products, especially if it's your first time. Not to worry, though – we've taken the time to research and find the best options for you and your partner to use throughout the home, and beyond! From high chairs to travel cots, here's a quick breakdown of what's on offer:

Prams and pushchairs

Go out on the town with your little ones, and show them the great outdoors with our range of prams and pushchairs. Perfect for newborns and toddlers alike, and with a solid selection of brands, there's sure to be one perfect for you and yours.

Travel cots and carriers

Driving is a focused time, and so you want peace of mind for your child. Making sure they're safe and sound during the ride is why we only stock car seats and bases from brands who list safety as a priority. Whether it's your first time with children in the car, or you've done enough family road trips for a lifetime, you'll find the perfect chair to keep them safe and happy.

Rockers, bouncers and swing chairs

From soothing rocking to relax them, to cute bouncing around helping them learn how to use their legs, there's no denying the value that our collection of bouncers, swings and rockers provides to your child. Not only do they help them learn how to use their motor skills, but they can also be great tools to soothe them on those tougher days.

High chairs

Meal times can be messy, which is why an easy-to-clean and maintain high chair is so important. For all the mess, though, there's little cuter than seeing your baby eating with the rest of the family. From Joie to Dolu, we've searched for great chairs that let your child have their place at the table.

Toilet training tools

As your child grows, you'll want to help them transition from nappies to going to the bathroom on their own. Our range of toilet training toys and tools will help them make that transition into independence a lot easier. It may take time, but it'll be worth it.

What else should I think about for my baby?

As a new or experienced parent you've got a lot on your plate. Raising a child is no small feat, but with the right equipment and the right mindset, they'll become a little gem of a person as the years go by. Whether it be through fostering their learning skills from a young age, or through spending time with them, there's lots to think about and do.