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Learning to read is an important part of every child’s education. Help aid your child’s language development with our range of learning to read toys specifically designed to assist early reading. Encourage your child to use their imagination whilst fostering a love of books.

What is the Age Range of the Products in the Skill?

Early Learning Centre products that encourage the development of reading skills start from 2 years and go up to age 4 years+ with a wide range of products for all ages in between.

What are the 5 key elements of Learning to Read?

Learn How to Read Words by Sounding Them Out

Reading aloud, pronouncing words slowly and putting emphasis on syllables helps children to develop their reading skills. Simple alphabet games are a great place to start. Children can enjoy matching letters to sound out different words whilst developing their letter recognition in a fun and interactive way.

Practice Spelling by Reading Each Letter Out

Using a proper spelling technique will help develop both reading and writing skills. Once a word becomes familiar, practice writing the word out. Trace the letters to become familiar with the shapes and use the rhyming technique to determine which order the letters go in.

Develop Vocabulary Through Reading New Words

Rhyming helps children break words up into sounds or phonemes. Once children can recognise rhyming patterns, they will be more aware of the sounds that make up words, a fundamental step in learning how to read. Once simple words are mastered, they can begin to learn more complex words and begin to build sentences.

Develop Understanding of How Sentences Are Built

Using pictures and other visual ques can help children with developing their reading skills as they can begin to link images and words together. Using this visual method will help children begin to read more difficult words and soon enough they will be able to understand full sentences.

Discover The World Through Reading Stories

Story telling is a great way to encourage children to develop reading skills as they can follow along, discuss the story, and try to predict what happens next. Encourage your child to make up their own stories and create fun characters to help their creativity flourish whilst they get to grips with reading.

How Can Parents Encourage Development Using Specific Toys?

Engagement from parents can play a significant role in children getting the most out of their toys. Remember to keep interaction positive and offer gentle encouragement and praise if your child is finding something difficult.

Please remember that it is important to choose toys that are appropriate for your child's developmental stage and age. To learn more about your child’s milestones, have a read of our article 'Guide to Your Baby’s Developmental Milestones'.

There are many toys and games by the Early Learning Centre to help you build on your child’s early development. Discover all our Learning Skills to continue their learning journey.

Learning to read toys