Guide to Your Baby’s Developmental Milestones

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Over the next 12 months, your baby will be learning and developing. From their first smile to rolling over and to possibly walking! This is an exciting time for any household.  

Here, we will explore what milestones to expect in your baby’s first 12 months. Please do keep in mind that all children’s development can vary depending on the child. If you ever feel concerned, you should speak to your GP or a health specialist.

0 to 3 Month Baby Milestone  

The first few months are all about sleeping, crying, and feeding. However, during this time there are adorable little developmental stages to keep an eye out for.  

We recommend introducing soft fabrics and toys such as playmats, play gyms, teethers, or rattles. These encourage your baby to discover their limbs and explore their senses. 

Emotional Milestones  

  • Learning to smile 
  • Learning to laugh  

Movement Milestones  

  • Looking around, exploring the world with their eyes.  
  • Whilst laying on tummy, baby turns head left and right. 
  • Whilst laying on their back, babies can wave their arms and legs.  
  • Briefly holds toy when placed in their hand.  
  • Follows a person or object with their eyes.  

Communication Milestones  

  • Making cooing sounds such as ‘aaah’ or ‘ooo’. 
  • Baby smiles when spoken to.  
  • Baby learns to cry when wet, hungry, tired, or wanting to be held.  
baby with family sleeping

4 to 6 Month Baby Milestone

During this stage, you will notice your baby’s personality much more and hear distinct sounds such as giggles, coos, and squeals.  

We recommend your baby to play with toys that will encourage them during tummy time and sitting up. Examples include ball pits, musical activity toys and highchair toys.  

Here’s what you can expect: 

Emotional Milestones 

  • Chuckling softly  
  • Baby will become excited when they see you if you’ve been out of sight.  
  • Baby makes babbling sounds when looking at people.  
  • Baby knows when they are meeting a stranger.  

Movement Milestones  

  • Baby can bring objects to their mouth.  
  • Baby can grab or reach for toys.  
  • Baby starts to roll and explore the floor.  
  • Baby can sit up with support.  
  • Baby will be able to get into a crawling position.  

Communication Milestones  

  • Baby knows their name and responds. 
  • When in front of a mirror, your baby will coo or babble at themselves.  
  • Baby will make sounds when looking at a person or toy.  
  • Baby is now able to make high-pitched squeals.  
  • Holds hands up to be carried.  

Growth Milestones  

  • Baby is getting stronger and more upright.  
  • Teething can start.  
  • At six months you may want to start weaning your baby. 
Little girl with cake on her face.

7 to 9 Month Baby Milestone

Your little one now may be experimenting with new foods and playing new games with you. They will somehow communicate with you what they do and do not like.  

As your baby increases their hand movements, help them in exploring shapes and stackable toys such as shape sorters, building blocks or a baby walker

Emotional Milestones  

  • Baby will have their favourite toys. 
  • Your baby may cling to family members or parents.  
  • May copy sounds you make. 
  • Baby can recognise family members. 

Movement Milestones  

  • Your baby may start crawling and shuffling on their bottom.  
  • Baby will try to stand by pulling themselves up using furniture.  
  • Baby can get into sitting position from lying down.  
  • Baby can roll both ways.  
  • Baby’s ability to use hands and fingers will improve.  

Communication Milestones  

  • Baby may learn to make sounds ‘ma’, ‘da’, ‘ga’ or ‘ka’.  
  • Baby will listen to ‘no’, ‘give it to me’ or ‘put it back’.  
  • Baby can use fingers to point to people or objects.  

Growth Milestones  

  • Baby can sit without support. 
  • Baby can handle their body weight when attempting to stand.  
Baby crawling

10 to 12 Month Baby Milestones

At this stage, your baby is constantly on the move! You may notice them crawling, standing, and possibly attempting to walk from time to time.  

We recommend motivating your baby to move around and explore their movements with toys such as activity cubes, chunky vehicles, bath toys, or lift-out puzzles.  

Emotional Milestones  

  • Baby may be nervous or shy around strangers. 
  • Baby will cry when parents leave.  
  • Baby has favourite objects and toys.  
  • Baby becomes excited by games like ‘peekaboo’.  

Movement Milestones  

  • Sits well and can get into a sitting position alone.  
  • Baby can walk around the furniture.  
  • Baby may stand alone.  
  • Baby may be able to take a few steps without help.  
  • Baby will hold your hand and try walking with you until confident to do so alone.  

Communication Milestones  

  • Baby will respond to their name.  
  • Baby will make more meaningful sounds and say “mama” or “dada”.  
  • When getting dressed baby may hold out their arm or leg to help.  
  • Baby can use simple gestures like waving goodbye.  
  • Baby confidently points at objects.  

Growth Milestones 

  • Baby can hold a piece of string using their thumb and first finger.  
  • Baby can throw a small ball.  
  • Baby can help turn pages of a book.  


This is merely the start of your child’s developmental milestones, your baby will continue to grow into an infant, toddler, pre-schooler and so on. Keep a close eye on your little explorer’s development. If you ever have any concerns regarding their development, please speak to a health professional or your local GP.  

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Baby learning to walk.

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