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Understanding “how many” objects there are is fun, and introduces your child to basic maths: this essential skill also helps develop an inquisitive mind. This essential skill also helps develop an inquisitive mind. Help encourage your child’s counting skills with our range of specifically designed toys.

What is the Age Range of the Products in this Skill?

Early Learning Centre products that encourage the development of counting skills start from 2 years and go up to age 8 however there are products for a range of ages in between.

What are the 5 key elements of Learning to Count?

  • Learn numbers by reading them and saying them out loud.
  • Practice saying numbers in order by counting things around the home.
  • Stacking toys can help develop counting skills.
  • Counting is the first stepping stone to developing maths skills.
  • Touching objects, you are counting can help you to learn to count.

What types of products fit within the skill?

    Counting different objects

    Children can practice by counting objects around the house or using their toys to count. The Early Learning Centre counting toys helps children learn to count by providing a visual representation of numbers making it easier for them to understand the concept of place value and the relationship between digits in a number.

    Number cards

    Number cards help children to recognise numbers and associate them with different quantities. The Early Learning Centre Number Cards are the perfect size for little hands to hold and can be used in different ways to help children learn to count. There are 28 double sided cards with numbers, pictures, and dominos for many ways to play.


    Puzzles are great for counting skills but also enhances general skills such as concentration, imagination and hand-eye coordination. Children can practice counting while completing the puzzle by reading aloud the numbers on the puzzle pieces.

    Role Play

    Roleplaying games where children pretend to work in a restaurant or shop can really help with counting skills as they can count money or items. The Early Learning Centre Play Money is great for learning all about money, counting and working out change.

    How Can Parents Encourage Development Using Specific Toys?

    Engagement from parents can play a significant role in children getting the most out of their toys. Remember to keep interaction positive and offer gentle encouragement and praise if your child is finding something difficult.

    Please remember that it is important to choose toys that are appropriate for your child's developmental stage and age. To learn more about your child’s milestones, have a read of our article 'Guide to Your Baby’s Developmental Milestones'.

    There are many toys and games by the Early Learning Centre to help you build on your child’s early development. Discover all our Learning Skills to continue their learning journey.

    Learning to count toys