Baby’s First Christmas: Should You Buy A Newborn Presents At Christmas?

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As the Christmas season approaches, parents typically find themselves in a predicament – should they buy presents for their newborns or not?

This conundrum can bring about various feelings and emotions. Will the child remember? Should guests just give gifts to the parents instead? Should parents invest in toys for their child’s future?

This article will share advice, insight, and a sprinkle of festive fever as you navigate your baby’s first Christmas.

A Newborn’s Christmas Conundrum

Gifting a newborn a Christmas present is seen as a weighty decision amongst several families. Some challenge this need with various arguments and points. Here are some varying opinions:

Social and Societal Pressures

On one hand, society will typically nudge parents towards purchasing presents for their little one’s first Christmas. The pressure to capture adorable moments and share them on social media adds another layer of expectations, making it more difficult for those in financial hardship.

However, some argue that they enjoy buying gifts for others, more than receiving them.

Take this one experiment by Harvard researchers from 2008: They went up to random people in public places and gave them either $5 or $20. They gave two options, either spend the money on themselves or others by the end of the day. The researchers took the participants’ baseline happiness levels, and then in the evening registered the change in happiness for each of the four groups.

Their findings reinforced the spirit of Christmas: Those who spent on others were happier than those who spent on themselves.

Moral Dilemma

Some parents feel a moral obligation to buy gifts, thinking they might feel guilty for not contributing to their baby’s first Christmas or might miss a key part of their child’s day. However, many rightfully say, it’s best to just find a hand-me-down item as babies cannot and will not appreciate their gifts.

Ruth, mum of 4, states:

“I bought big gifts for Florence, my first baby, and then I felt the same had to be done for Jimmy when I had two. Fancy presents went unappreciated while I opened their stockings for them and they paid more attention to the paper.”

Waste of Money

Then there is the argument about whether it is a waste of money. After all, babies will not be able to remember their first Christmas gifts, so is there a point in adding financial strain?

Odd Hogg raises valid points that babies’ typically have everything they need, they do not understand Christmas nor the value of gifts, and that gifts for newborns add an expense to everyone’s budget when in fact it is not necessary as the parents will be the ones to open the gifts. This is why some parents do not get involved with the hassle of shopping for their newborns.

Why you should buy Christmas presents for a newborn

Well, Christmas is the time to spread joy, laughter, and love. Parents will probably feel more excited about having their first Christmas with their newborn and may want to keep that memory alive in a variety of diverse ways.

Create everlasting memories

The first Christmas will be extra special for the parents compared to the baby. If the parents choose to give the baby a Santa’s outfit and buy them a present bigger than their body, this will leave the family with oh-so-adorable photos to look back on.

Creating traditions

Having your baby’s first Christmas gives parents the opportunity to begin their own family traditions. This may change what kind of presents everyone shares on Christmas or how they are shared. Parents may even plan the day out to include different activities, a photoshoot, games and so on. These traditions can be followed throughout the years and passed down generations, so think big!

Gift something they will treasure

Parents also have the choice of gifting something special, a sentimental present that children can keep with them forever. Some valuable gifts include a special blanket, outfit, bracelet, a photo, or soft toys that children can cuddle with for many years to come. Look out for more ideas with our collection of newborn baby gifts.

Worried about going overboard with your shopping list? We have you covered, read more on ‘How Many Presents Should You Get A Child for Christmas?

Christmas presents for a newborn

Presents can come in a variety of forms, some gifts can be specifically for your baby – whether to help their development, enhance their joy, or something for the parents to assist in raising the little one. Yes, parents can gift themselves and include it as a newborn gift (after all, we can’t fit in the pushchair). To understand more about your child’s development and shop for age-appropriate gifts, have a read of ‘A Guide To Your Baby’s Developmental Milestones.

0 to 3 months

At this stage, your baby may be in the preliminary stages of learning to smile and laugh. Physically, they will begin to explore the world with their eyes, playing on their tummy, wiggling their arms and legs around, and some can hold a toy when given to them.

We recommend exploring our shop by age categories and diving into gifts for 0-to-3-month. Here, you can find playmats for babies, play gyms, teethers, rattles, newborn sensory toys, and soft toys.

3 to 6 months

You may now notice your little one’s personality starting to shine through. They are now able to interact with toys well and are starting to explore everything with their mouths. This is the perfect time to introduce toys for 3- to 6-month-olds.

We recommend investing in toys to assist your little one’s fine motor skills such as ball pits to enhance creativity while encouraging development, baby musical toys to boost sensory development and learning, and finally, some essential baby equipment may be required at this stage such as a highchair or baby bouncer.

6 to 12 months

This is a wonderful phase, watching as your little one starts to crawl, stand, sit, roll around, and start to take those first little wobbly steps! Take a look at all the best gifts for 6- to 12- month olds.

This is an exciting time to share more learning and development toys such as baby walkers, shape sorters, and baby activity toys. Each will aid in key development whether cognitive, physical, or social. To explore more toys to aid physical development, look no further.


In summary, a baby’s first Christmas is a wonderful memory to hold dear to our hearts and is special for anyone involved – whether the family, parents, or the baby. Whichever path you choose this Christmas season will be an everlasting memory and heart-warming family moments. Be sure to explore newborn baby gift ideas if you ever feel stuck, and discover more festive inspiration throughout our Christmas blogs.

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