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Happyland is a wonderful place where brilliant buildings, quirky characters, cute animals, and colourful vehicles come to life. Since the brand launched, Happyland toys have become popular amongst young children, offering a world where fairies go on adventures with zoo animals and a spaceman can have tea with The King.

The possibilities are endless; fuelling every child’s imagination between the ages of 18 months to 5 years (or even further!)

A Brief History

Happystreet old magazine feature showcasing toys.

Happyland, previously known as Happy Street, is Early Learning Centre’s most loved brand, with more than 25 years of sparking imaginative play. Through the extensive development of people, vehicles, buildings and playsets, Happyland has become a highly collectable and trusted brand.

There have been a variety of limited edition Happyland sets over the years which have marked special occasions, such as the 2012 London Olympics, Royal Weddings, Royal babies being born, and the King’s Coronation.  Recently, to celebrate 50 years of The Early Learning Centre, we have designed a special collection of Happyland Buses to celebrate the milestone.

The Essence of Happyland

At its core, Happyland invites children to explore and learn about the world around them through engaging playtime. Designed with little hands in mind, Happyland toys offer tactile exploration and social interaction, laying the foundation for essential early development.

Key Features of Happyland Toys

  • Chunky Figures: Crafted for little hands to hold, Happyland figures are durable and easy to hold, giving children the opportunity to bring their imaginative worlds to life.
  • Imaginative Play: From bustling town sets to enchanted carriages, Happyland toys inspire storytelling and creative role play adventures for children to explore a variety of play styles.
  • Versatility: Each playset is designed to be compatible with a wide range of Happyland sets. Children can enjoy mixing and matching sets to create their own worlds, promoting collaboration and social skills.

Popular Happyland Sets

Happyland Farm Playset

Happyland Farm Playset, a girl holds up a toy and enjoys playing with the set.

Step into the exciting world of farming with the Happyland Farm Playset. Children can explore the countryside with five fun sounds to bring the playset to life and move around characters to aid the development of their fine motor skills and finger dexterity.

With more than fifteen pieces in this set, including two characters, six animals, a farmhouse, a tractor and trailer, four fences, a stable and a ladder, children can enjoy taking control of their farm as they sort their animals into pens, set up the barn for a busy day of farming, and help their farmer figures drive their vehicles for a busy day ahead. This set promotes cognitive skills by identifying different animals and learning about the world of farming.

Happyland Busy Town Playset

Step into the streets of Happyland with the Busy Town Playset, where a variety of different playful scenarios await. Children can explore the park as they walk their dog, help the construction man maintain the road, ensure the fireman can get the cat down safely from its mischievous ventures, or aid the police in looking after the neighbourhood’s safety. Let’s not forget the importance of looking right and left before crossing the road to ensure there are no vehicles coming as you help our Happyland townspeople in posting that ever-so-important letter.

This engaging playset has thirteen pieces for immersive storytelling, encourage curiosity, imagination, and cognitive skills as children learn about community roles. Set includes a police officer, a construction worker, a firefighter, a man, a girl, one dog, one cat, one car, a post box, traffic light, bus stop and one road sign.

Happyland Special Edition Bus

Have children enjoy endless adventures as they tour London with their Happyland Bus! Have the tourists see all kinds of sights from Buckingham Palace to London Zoo.

This special edition bus with gold trims and a gold banner has been specially created to celebrate 50 years of Early Learning Centre. Alongside this special edition red bus, you can also find the limited edition Happyland Bus in gold.

Children can enjoy lifting off the top deck to arrange passengers in their seats, while the tour guide tells them information on key sites as they drive around. These chunky figures are perfect for small hands to hold.

This special edition celebratory toy includes one London double decker bus, three characters, and a bus stop sign.

Happyland Kettle Cottage Playset

Happyland Teapot Set with a boy playing and smiling alongside the set.

Whether inviting friends over for a tea party or camping in the matchbox beds, there’s plenty of opportunities with the Happyland Kettle Cottage Playset. This cute set features eleven pieces ranging from mice driving in a sardine-tin car to pushing a baby mouse in a pram.

The exterior has a sturdy handle design for easy movement and flexible play, open the door to reveal a cosy home inside or children can discover a new way of entering the house by using the kettle sprout as a slide!

Children can let their imagination run wild with this cosy retreat, as they set up camp outdoors or they tuck baby to sleep in their pram and keep them nice and warm indoors. This set includes a kettle cottage, a spindle table, three button chairs, two mice, two matchbox beds, a sardine tin car, and a baby pram for a range of playtime opportunities.

Happyland Fairy Tale Pirate Ship

Little boy plays with the product Happyland Pirate Set.

Ahoy, matey! The crew is ready to set sail with the Happyland Fairy Tale Pirate Ship. Have your little explorer hunt for treasure in the seven seas as the crew work together to take care of the ship and each other.

With one pirate guarding the main deck, one keeping a look out, and another pirate steering the way, children can enjoy endless hours of exploration and play. Don’t forget to capture the treasure and take it back to port for a hero’s welcome.

This imaginative set is filled with adventure and includes a pirate ship, three pirates, a treasure chest and a table.

Happyland Enchanted Carriage Set

Hop aboard the Happyland Enchanted Carriage Set and journey to a realm of fairy tales and wonder. This set includes a carriage pulled by a colourful unicorn, a wise fairy godmother, a prince, and a princess. Help guide the prince and princess and bring each character to life with adventurous stories. Make the unicorn have imaginary wings and fly, while the fairy godmother gives the prince and princess permission to go to the ball.

Each Happyland playset offers authentic opportunities for children to explore, learn and grow through play with themes from everyday life that children see around them to imaginative pieces from fairy tales and stories.

Mix and match Happyland sets to create endless storytelling experiences where children can enjoy unique playtime while enhancing key development techniques from fine motor, discovery of the world around them, social skills, and interactive play.

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