8 Top Tips for Holidays with Babies and Toddlers

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Suddenly the summer holidays are upon us, and it’s time to start preparing for the family trip away!

It’s always the highlight of the year to spend quality time together and watch your children experience new and exciting cultures and activities.

While time away together builds an abundance of lovely memories to look back on, going on holiday with babies and toddlers can bring its own challenges.

Don’t worry! We’ll talk you through our top tips to make sure your family holiday goes as smooth sailing as possible.

Baby running to mum on beach.

1. Limit time on the road

If possible, keep travel time to a minimum! A few hours on the road or in the air can feel like a lifetime to young children so it’s important to keep this in mind when planning your journey.

Why not break up the journey into two days if possible?

Make travelling to the destination a holiday in itself and stop off at a nice hotel on the way. With the holiday starting on the way, your children won’t notice how far they’re travelling nor how long it takes!

2. Take toys with you

Toys provide that much-needed engagement for your little ones whilst travelling! Having a selection of travel-friendly toys will help keep them occupied on the plane or in the car, and a bonus if it supports their development.

Toys such as baby soft toys, baby sensory toys, animal toys and STEM toys will also be great by the pool or at dinner to provide that little bit of extra entertainment and comfort.

If you want to make sure you have all the essentials whilst travelling, have a read of our article ‘Travelling with Babies and Young Children: Essential Packing List. Want to also shop for the best toys for your travels? Read our guide Toys for The Road: Keeping Toddlers and Babies Entertained While Travelling‘.

Child plays with toy by tent.

3. Show the reward

Show them pictures of the beach or the pool or describe the palm trees or wildlife!

Sharing with your little ones what awaits them at the end of the journey will help them to focus less on the length of the trip and more on what fun they will be having very soon!

While you can tell them there’s a pool waiting for them to splash around in, why not keep the water slides or fountain a secret! Just imagine their faces when they see the thrilling water activities they can do.

4. Pick the right accommodation

Choosing where to stay is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your family holiday.

You’ll want to make sure you’re picking a child-friendly hotel or villa in a location that is suitable and safe. Look out for certain amenities like a children’s pool, lifeguards, family-sized rooms and a good diverse food menu.

Child-friendly activities and friendly service will also help you relax knowing that you’re children are making memories of a lifetime!

Family on a little boat.

5. Have all the documents ready

If you’re planning on leaving the country for your family holiday, make sure you’ve got your child’s documentations ready as well as your own.

Having each family member’s documents in a travel-friendly folder will save on stress and misplacement as you make your way through the airport.

It’s also handy to note that some countries do require additional documentation if your child is adopted. Being prepared is the best strategy to ensure as seamless a journey as possible.

6. Disconnect to reconnect

Family holidays are the best opportunity to connect with your loved ones and make some amazing memories.

Let your worries and emails flutter away as you splash in the sea with your tots or watch their eyes light up at the sight of fresh gelato! It’s important to live in these moments and really cherish each other during this time away.

7. Have plan B’s

After several smooth-sailing days, hiccups are to be expected. Children are not always going to want to do the same thing or as that holiday energy starts to wear off, it’s best to have a few plan B’s.

Perhaps have a quiet day planned if outbursts begin to surface. A special trip to a local bakery and a little walk around the local town, followed by a chilled afternoon colouring or reading together will revive tired children.

8. Avoid airport mayhem

While travel days can be challenging, getting to the airport with plenty of time will certainly help relieve pre-flight stress for both parents and children.

A bit of preparation beforehand goes a long way. Making sure you have the essentials that you’ll need to entertain and care for your children whist in the airport and in the air is vital for a smooth journey!

Many airports have children’s play areas, which are perfect for letting your children burn off some pre-flight steam! You never know, this might help them sleep the whole way!

When taking off and landing, giving your child a sweet to suck on will help to equalise the pressure in the ears and ease any discomfort they may feel. It’s also a great distraction if they’re not the biggest fan of flying!

Summary: Your holiday awaits..

Family holidays should be fun and looked forward to by all! Yes, they are a lot of work and there may be some bumps along the way but it’s a special time to create the best memories with your children.

Get prepared for your family travels with these tips and help to alleviate any extra stress. This will just leave time for precious family memories!

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