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At Early Learning Centre, we believe that learning can and should be fun! From the page to playtime, reading opens up a world of discovery for children of any age. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a paperback to enrich their world and fuel their imagination.

Within the spine of any book hides a world of possibility. Every far-off land is a chance to learn about new animals. Each fantastical character teaches them how to behave. Lines of rhyme offer exciting words to play with. And every moment spent reading is a moment not spent looking at a screen! So while chapters may come to an end, the benefits of reading for kids are limitless.

If you need another reason to curl up for story time with your little one, just think of all the cuddles! You’ll make them feel safe as you foster their emotional development and prepare them for the classroom too. The best thing is that it’s never too late to play storyteller. You can introduce them to characters who will take them on adventures and relish in reading nonsense rhymes together. That’s what story time with your little bookworm is all about.

If you’re wondering when to start story time, it’s never too early. From roughly 23 weeks, babies can hear more than just mum’s heartbeat and may start to recognise familiar voices which can be soothing as a newborn. Continuing to read to your baby using picture and touchy-feely books stimulates their senses and cognitive development. What better way to encourage them to love reading from the very beginning than by bonding over a story or two.

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