Play Tents & Tunnels

Our play tents will allow your children to escape into a world of their own, transforming them into anything that they want to be. Your little girl can become a princess with our castle play tent, whilst others may prefer to pursue a role as a doctor or mechanic depending on the tent you choose for them. Young children love playing pretend.

Why not get them a costume to go with their play tent? Children’s play tunnels allow your kids to bury themselves in a world of imagination and gain valuable physical benefits and social development at the same time. Here at ELC we understand the importance of play and imagination in child development, and how they go hand in hand, which is why we have this range of wonderful play equipment for them.

play tents & tunnels (4)

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    Age range: 2 years - 6 years
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    Age range: From 2 years
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