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Parents want the best for their babies. Joie understands this, and with their commitment to the highest safety and design standards give great peace of mind. If you're looking for pushchairs, car seats and more for your little loved ones, our range of Joie products make a great choice for a quality start to parenthood.

Why Choose Joie?

From high-quality materials and rigorous testing, Joie is a brand that truly understands what modern-day parents need. Their products are built to last, adjusting as your baby grows and learns. They also surpass the required EU safety tests to ensure longevity, so you can get the most out of your investments in your child's safety and comfort. With everything you need for everyday life, whether it's a quiet day at home or you're on the move, you can trust that Joie will make everything go as smoothly as possible.

Joie Prams & Pushchairs

One of the most essential pieces for parents is a good quality pushchair. When you have a baby, life only gets busier! So make sure nothing slows you down with a variety of options to fit every situation and family. Choose from the snugly Litetrax pushchairs that are perfect for cradling your newborn, or strollers like the Joie Nitro that let toddlers see the world around them.

Compatible with the Joie travel system cots, you can make a seamless transition from carrier to pram without disturbing your little one. Keep them cosy and comfortable against all weather and environment with the hooded cots and soft woven fabric. Don't forget the hidden storage, perfect for all keeping all the essentials on hand. Capable of tackling urban challenges and all terrains, Joie pushchairs and prams are built to meet the diverse needs of a 21st-century family.

Joie Car Seats & Bases

Vital for babies' safety, a car seat must meet tough requirements and regulations but Joie goes a step further with extra testing. At Joie, they know car seats and bases are used multiple times a day, so they need to withstand a lot of pulling and tugging. Rest assured that your baby will remain safe with a Joie car seat like the Joie Every Stage, cleverly designed to support from birth up until 12 years old if needs be.

Joie Swings & Rockers

Calm and enchant your little one with a Joie soother like the Joie Serina, packed full of features that have been carefully designed to calm babies. Take a moment for yourself while your baby enjoys gentle swings, side-to-side and forwards and backwards, peaceful music, and a comforting nightlight. Easy to manoeuvre and with washable pads, a Joie rocker is a wonderful choice to keep your baby entertained by themselves.

Joie Highchairs

Once your baby moves on to proper food, it's time to get them their own seat at the dinner table. The Joie highchairs are adjustable and versatile, so you can use them for a variety of activities. The Joie Multiply in Flowers 6-in-1 highchair is perfect for a busy household with lots of moving parts, ensuring that your baby can keep using it from 6 months all the way up to 6 years old. From arts and crafts, learning activities, snacking, and joining in the conversation, a Joie highchair helps your baby's day-to-day life run on schedule.