rattles and teething toys


In early infancy babies will use their hands and mouth to explore new objects, whilst stimulating the senses of touch and feel are a crucial area of early child development. Early Learning Centre know the importance of providing small but safe toys such as a baby rattle to encourage your baby to look, listen and touch.


The range of rattles and teething toys at ELC ensures babies experience different textures, shapes and sounds from Sensory Linky Loops to Musical Keys. Giving your child a rattle is a great way for them to learn precise hand movements and learn to explore the world around them.


We also know that teething can be a stressful time for both baby and parents, which is why ELC have designed teething toys that are safe for your baby to chew, which will help soothe their gums and relieve discomfort. Give your baby some fury friends to play with - choose from our great range of soft toys and teddy bears.