Time to play & Learn

Learning to Count

Counting with your child lays the foundation for later maths. Understanding the meaning of numbers takes experience with counting lots of things, and you can help by giving your child this experience regularly.

Learning to Write

Children are working out the basics needed to learn to write when they're scribbling with crayons & chalk. For young children, arts & writing skills are simply the same thing!

Colours & Shapes

Whilst toddlers will often understand shapes quickly, colour is a more complex concept. Recognising shapes is a key skill needed for reading - letters are shapes with a specific meaning.

Discover My World

As young children begin to understand the nature of the world, and their place in it, they learn through their senses and experiences. They start to gain foundation knowledge that builds into advanced topics as they grow.

Early Development

Children start to develop from an early age. This is considered to be the most significant period of development in which your newborn will go through an incredible transformation. Every child learns at their own pace and in their own time - but there are a lot of things we can do to help them on their way.

Play Time

Here are some worksheets you can download to complete with your child and help them on their development.

playtime pdf

Can you put the right numbers in the right jars?

playtime pdf

Do you know the names of these objects?

playtime pdf

Can you fill in the space and colour in shapes?

playtime pdf

Can you match the animals to their homes?