Love My Street

the Love My Street range

Offering endless hours of indoor and outdoor imaginative role play fun, Love My Street
allows little ones to create their own street with shops and houses featuring magical designs.
Parents will also be fans of the new playhouse and accessory sets as they store away easily and neatly.

With four fabulous sets to choose from, they can create their very own street and immerse themselves in
interactive play. Whether they are baking cookies at Sweetheart Cottage or posting their letters at
Penpal Post Office, their imaginations can run wild.

Sweetheart Cottage

Play big, store small with the Love My Street Sweetheart Cottage imaginative role play house with bunting, cooker unit and accessories. Mini bakers will have lots of fun 'baking' up a storm at Sweetheart Cottage. This pretty pink play house features a cooker with working door, foam cookies, spatula and tray, and a cute fabric apron for the head chef. The Love My Street Sweetheart Cottage also includes pretty daisy bunting so little ones can link all the sets together. What's more, the Sweetheart Cottage folds down into the cooker so children can continue to play without taking up too much space.
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Little Miss Boutique

Play big, store small with the Love My Street Little Miss Boutique imaginative role play shop. The Little Miss Boutique play set features a gorgeous vanity table with pretend mirror, make-up & a make-up cape for 'customers' to wear, this set is a dream come true. Little beauticians can take turns doing each other's make-up or each other's hair with the comb & hair bands, or relaxing with pretend cucumbers on their eyes. The set also features pretty heart jewel bunting so it can be linked to the other 'buildings' on the street and can also fold down into the make-up counter for easy storage.
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Cupcake Corner

Play big, store small with the Cupcake Corner imaginative role play shop. Love My Street Cupcake Corner is a fun play through structure & the best place on the 'street' to meet for a delicious treat. This exciting role play shop allows a child on one side to sell-through the window to their customers. Little ones will love to act out meeting their friends for coffee and 'buying' their very own treats. Love My Street Cupcake Corner links up to the rest of the street with pretty cake bunting and folds down into the till so little ones can continue to play when the shop has packed up for the day.
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Penpal Post Office

Play big, store small with the Love My Street Penpal Post Office imaginative role play shop with bunting, post office counter and accessories. The Love My Street Penpal Post Office gives children a fun place to post their letters and buy their stamps and postcards. Little ones will have lots of fun filling out the bright and cheery postcards and stamping them with the official Penpal Post Office stamp, before popping them in the postbox. With pretty stamp bunting to link to another set, little ones must not forget to roll down the window at the end of the day to display the closed sign.
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