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art, music & creative play

art, music & creative play

Make some room on the fridge door for plenty of masterpieces with our children's art toys. From crafting kits to paint sets and baby music toys, we have plenty of creative ways to keep your little artist engaged and expressing themselves.

for little artists

They might not be Picasso (just yet) but they can give it a good go with our children’s art supplies. Choose from craft kits that include stickers, plasticine and more for making collages and models (and plenty of little mess). For rainy days, stock up on art essentials like paints, brushes and sketch pads.

make some noise

Nurture your noise-maker’s future talents or just have a lot of fun with music toys for children. Let them find their rhythm with a miniature drum kit or help them learn a tune with a follow-along keyboard. CD players, microphones and karaoke sets are great for playdates and parties, too.