child bikes & bike seats


ELC have a great range of kids bikes, bike seats and tagalong bikes. Bike seats are perfect for taking baby with you on your bike, so you can leave the car at home and do your bit for the environment. Bike seats also expose babies to cycling from an early age, which can help reduce inhibitions later on.


When young children are finally ready to get mobile on two wheels; balance bikes are an ideal first step – perfect for toddlers. Balance bikes don’t have pedals and can help your child learn to balance on two wheels while still using their feel on the ground to move forward. This helps build confidence. After a balance bike, the next stage in your child’s progression is to use a trainer bike (with stabilisers and a parent handle). We have options for boys and girls here at ELC.


Lead by example and further encourage your child’s cycling development with a tagalong bike. A Tagalong bike attaches to the rear of an adult bike allowing your child to help you pedal while you control the breaks and steering.