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Polly Beard

Co-author of bestselling books "I'm Bored!" and "I'm Bored ... Again!" and weekly columnist in The Times

Polly Beard

Hello there, I'm Polly Beard. I'm a mum and I'm passionate about making the most of what precious family time I have with my own children.

I've teamed up with early learning centre to write down all the things I used to play when I was young, and all the games I've enjoyed playing with my children. I haven't included anything that requires yoghurt pots or pipe cleaners, just spontaneous imaginative, creative, active fun that won't cost a bean.

I wanted to write something that parents and carers can use like a recipe book, something to dip in and out of when they needed inspiration and fresh ideas. I know just how difficult it can be keeping my own kids entertained! When you're stuck for what to do next, there will be an easy, instant solution for you here to tap into.

Above all, I hope it will encourage and empower you to really enjoy your time with your kids. There's nothing more important than that.

My wonderful sister Suzy Barratt, who has been my writing partner for over five years, sadly died this summer. I continue to draw inspiration from her extraordinary spirit of fun, playfulness and humour."


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Dr Richard Woolfson
Dr. Richard Woolfson

Richard Woolfson is a child psychologist, working with children and their families. He is also an author and writes on child and family development for many magazines and newspapers including a weekly column in The Herald, which deals with parenting problems and family issues. He appears regularly on radio and television and runs training workshops for parents and early years professionals as well as providing consultancy to numerous commercial companies.

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