For the last couple of months, you may feel increasingly tired as your baby gets heavier and your bump more cumbersome. Learn to snatch five minutes’ rest here and there - the ability to cat-nap will be a huge advantage when a solid eight hours is no longer possible.

Your baby
Taste is developing and it’s believed your baby gets a tiny tang of what you are eating. He is now also packing on the pounds and fat stores are being laid down under his skin. Consequently, he is becoming less wrinkly and his skin is growing more opaque. Plus he is beginning to be able to dream.

Planning that delivery
Hopefully, you’ve a good idea of what you want to buy for your baby now. If you feel superstitious and don’t want to bring it home yet, Mothercare’s Baby Plan service that means you can order ahead and have everything delivered to your door just in time for your baby. It also helps you budget for the new arrival.

Ready, steady, nursery
With just a couple of months to go, it’s time to get the nursery ready. Even though it’s best to have your baby sleeping in your room in a crib or cot for the first six months, preparing a special room (if you have space) is useful. It’s a place for changing nappies, feeding, naps, cuddles... It’s best to go for neutral colours (unless you’re sure what you’re having) and to match wall colours to the bedding you’ve chosen.

Take a back seat
You shouldn’t be doing the hands-on work for any nursery decorating. Assume the role of adviser and decision maker, and leave things that may be bad for your baby to the professionals (or your partner). So avoid:

MOTHERCARE TIP If you’re having quads (!) they are now considered full term