Happyland is a place where children’s imaginations can run free. Early Learning Centre has created a range of toys for kids with brilliant buildings, quirky characters, cute animals and colourful vehicles perfectly sized for little hands to play with. Spark your children’s imagination by letting them build a village, form a fleet of boats or make a collection of cottages. These cool toys will help them with their fine motor skills, stimulate their imaginations and improve their social skills.

Encourage your child to explore and learn about the world them with this collection specially designed for them to play while learning. Happyland toys make education enjoyable. Your child can go diving in a submarine, take a trip to the farm, visit the local school or shops, sail a pirate ship, fly a plane, travel to one of our cute cottages, drive a train or simply let their favourite characters explore the world they create.

Help your child to start their own collection and let them dive into this fun and educational adventure. Check here for the ELC Happyland range and see the variety of learning toys for children of all ages.