every day we are getting greener



Our new carrier bags are made with 33% recycled plastic


All of our instore display signage is on recyclable material


All or our catalogues and leaflets are printed on FSC or recycled paper


Plant a tree and give it a name.


Why not turn off the TV and play some board games or make music instead. Call it 'green time'. You'll be surprised at how much fun you'll have


Make bathtime greener by sharing the tub.


Walking and cycling to school or the shops is good exercise and helps to reduce C02 emissions


Use both sides of the paper for painting or drawing


Instead of running taps, why not let children wash fruit and vegetables in a bowl?


Make compost for your garden with kitchen waste. Its's mucky, stinky, green and fun


Recycle much loved, outgrown toys and books bygiving them to your local charity shop, school or nursery


Let your children teach you about being green. You may be surprised at how much they know already!

   Take a Reusable bag with you when you go to the shops. And use it to bring your shopping home in.

Share your green ideas with us at www.elc.co.uk/goinggreen