Early Learning Centre working wth Family Charities
NSPCC and Early Learning Centre

Our charitable donations and fundraising activities are focused on preventing cruelty to children. We believe that all children deserve a happy childhood and the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We are proud to have supported the NSPCC's FULL STOP Campaign for the last six years. Other Charitable partners include CHILDREN 1st (Scotland) and NSPCC (Ireland). We donate 1% of all gift card sales to the NSPCC, and with the support of our staff and our customers we have raised over £600,000 and helped many children in our local communities.

We recognise that protecting children is everyone's responsibility. We have worked with NSPCC to develop a Kid Safe Policy. The Policy sets out our standards for ensuring children are kept safe whilst visiting our stores. It covers things like dealing with lost children, photography and physical contact with children. CHILDREN 1st and NSPCC have also endorsed the policy.


For more information on the FULL STOP campaign, visit the NSPCC website at nspcc.org.uk

In Kind Direct and Early Learning Centre

In Kind Direct is a charity set up by HRH the Prince of Wales in 1996 to distribute new products donated by business to voluntary organisations. We donate all of our sample toys and any surplus product as we know that In Kind Direct will ensure they go to a good home.

In Kind Direct

To find out more about In Kind Direct, visit inkinddirect.org