elc reviews and ratings

how do our customers review elc?

The customer reviews and ratings you see on our site are from genuine elc customers who have purchased the items they are reviewing whether instore or online.

We know this as we invite our customers to write reviews via email on items that we know they've purchased. Customers are now also able to leave reviews through our product pages too. All the reviews are then collected and validated by Bazaarvoice - an independent third party, to ensure they're genuine and so they can never be manipulated or edited.

  • genuine elc customer reviews
  • you'll see the good as well as the bad - trust that negative reviews are never deleted
  • reviews can't be edited
  • fake reviews never make it online and elc never pay for reviews

From time to time, we will ask some of our customers to provide reviews for us as part of our product tester scheme. So we are as transparent as possible, when you see these reviews online they will all feature one of our product tester badges. All these reviews still go through Bazaarvoice's moderators to make sure they are honest, meet our standards and don't feature anything untoward.

who are bazaarvoice?

Bazaarvoice are an established company that customers can trust for honest feedback about our products and services. They help collect our reviews via email or from our product pages, and ensure that every review goes through a strict moderation process so our customers can trust every review they read on our site.

All the reviews and ratings are impartial and uncensored, within reason, of course - any reviews featuring insulting or obscene comments will be returned for re-submission. They're precisely what our customers say, so you will see both the good and the bad about our products. And when it comes to the bad reviews, feedback is given to our teams to help us understand and act on any issues as well as helping to improve our products.