Tummy Time

Recent research shows that ‘tummy time’ play for young babies really helps them develop, explore and control their bodies. It strengthens the neck, shoulder muscles, back and legs so that all their subsequent physical milestones such as holding their head up, rolling, sitting and crawling can follow.

You can get started from birth by gradually introducing them to Tummy Time for short periods of time. Try laying them on your chest or lap to start off with. Keep your hands gently on them, both for supervision and for reassurance and talk to them, letting them know you’re there. Try giving your baby tummy time for a few minutes every day then increase up to 10-15 minutes as they get older and gain more confident but it’s best not to do tummy time immediately after a feed or when your baby is getting hungry. Blossom Farm Tummy Time Roller is perfect as it gives support to your baby for them to be on their tummy.