Standing & Walking

Between 9- 12 months babies use all of their skills and strength to pull themselves up into a standing position and balance on their own two feet. All sorts of games help to develop your baby’s muscle strength for standing. Initially place toys in reach and then move them a little farther away. As they reach for them they may lift up one leg, increasing their skills of balance and coordination.

Once your baby is a confident ‘stander’ you can introduce toys that move as they can be helpful by enabling your baby to stand, balance and gently move whilst they are supported which brings us to the next stage that is walking. Expect many falls and tumbles during this time when your young child tries to balance, focus, move, coordinate, have spatial awareness, listen and be observant; it’s not easy. Gradually more steps will be added as they get their balance and they will be able to set their sights on a destination and arrive there by walking.