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Sylvanian Families

Step into Sylvania for the sweetest adventures with these Sylvanian Families figures and playsets.

Sylvanian Families are the beautiful animal clans who love to play and practice hobbies together. Join in the fun when you choose Sylvanian figures from this colourful collection.

There are so many animals to choose from, each one with exciting details, a stylish outfit, and articulated arms for even more imaginative possibilities. Whether you choose the Chocolate Rabbit Family, the Wooly Alpaca Family, or one of the other dolls in this collection, you’re sure to adore your new companions.

Sylvanian Families dolls’ houses and playsets are the perfect settings for real-life adventures. Pick up beautifully detailed furniture and decorate your house, then enjoy family adventures with your Sylvanian figures. Why not collect them all for the most exciting adventure yet?