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Joie Swings & Bouncers

Keeping your child cosy and comforted can be a hands-on task. Joie's range of baby swings and bouncers help to simplify this for new parents . Help your baby find their footing before they take that first step with our range of Joie products.

Why should I get a Joie bouncer swing?

Swings, rockers and bouncers are great to have when a baby is young. Not only do the soothing rocking motions help soothe them, but they can also help develop fine motor skills. Bouncers especially help children develop leg strength, preparing them for those vital first steps every member of their family loves to see. Depending on which model you go for, Joie's line of swings, bouncers and rockers also include lights, vibrations and easily removable pads and covers, all designed to help relax your child, day and night, and make cleanup a little easier for the parents!

Joie believes there's no such thing as baby equipment that's too safe, and this is reflected in their bouncers and swing chairs, as well as the rest of the Joie brand. Every function has been designed with safety in mind, meaning that the baby will be softly cradled and parents don't have to worry.

While the specific features vary per model, we stock a variety of Joie rockers and bouncers that include:

  • Lift off seat
  • Nightlights
  • Variable swing speeds
  • Removable covers
  • Soothing vibrations
  • Songs and sounds
  • Turnable seats

There are other great features, too. Some models, like the Joie Serina Swivel in Natures Alphabet Baby Seat, grow with your child. Starting as a perfect fit for a little baby, they can help keep them comfy and soothed all the way up to 3 years old! This makes it a great investment for their comfort through the vital early years of their life, making things easier for you and your family.

What kinds of Joie swing chairs can I buy?

Joie Sansa

Want to keep your child safe and happy? Our collection of Joie Sansa soothers helps cocoon them snugly while letting them rock about with multi-motion movements. This gives them the freedom to find their own rhythm, an important step for any growing child! With a toy bar, reclining options, and soothing vibrations, they'll be able to find their best position with ease.

Joie Serina

Need a little extra help soothing your child at night? When you don't know anything about the world, those long winter evenings can be a spooky thing. That's why the Joie Serina line features a nightlight to help give them a soft way to illuminate the room around them. Complete with 4 brightness settings, there'll be a perfect option for any child.