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Week 36

Back to work

This is the last week before I return to work. It’s not been the couple of weeks I’d imagined, having spent last Wednesday in A and E, and being diagnosed with a herniated disc in my back. I’m really looking forward to going back and regaining a bit of ‘me’. I love being Cassie’s Mum, but my job is a huge part of my identity, so I’m excited to reclaim it.

It’s been a funny old maternity leave. Speaking to friends with older children, they confirm that any maternity leave can feel a bit like Groundhog Day. That’s why baby groups, coffee mornings etc are so important - they give a bit of structure to the week and much needed informal support with other parents. We made it to seven baby sensory classes in person and many more over Zoom. These were lovely - I enjoyed the challenge of finding and making our own props, but definitely missed seeing other mums, as did Cassie, evident from her fear of strangers. I remember saying to myself in the summer, how lucky I felt that things were opening up again - little did I know that we would spend most of our first 9 months together in lockdown! Looking back, I feel so proud that we made it through those long, cold winter months, with nothing to do but go on walks around the estate - I think I know every road and pavement now! Of course I feel a little anxious at the thought of Cassie being in nursery for long days, but I know she is in the best hands, and her development will come on in leaps and bounds - if she’s half as competitive as her parents, she’ll see other babies doing things and immediately try herself! I’m very lucky to be returning to work on a part-time basis, so I still get to see my little girl grow up, and go to playdates in the week. I’m excited for this next chapter and developing a new normal!

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