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Week 35

Stranger Danger

At about eight months, separation anxiety kicks in for babies. Cassie hasn't sat on many laps, a grand total of eight people have held her so far, so the 'stranger danger' is even more pronounced than I think it would have been had we been able to socialise and get to baby classes. She's particularly funny around men (except her dad, he's the favourite) getting tense and shouting if one gets too close. It's heartbreaking, but totally normal.

The effects of lockdown and not being able to see other babies in person became clear last week, when restrictions eased and we could have picnics with other mums and babies. Cassie got so upset when plonked near to another little one (at a safe distance) for the obligatory photo. I've had a fair bit of trepidation about putting her in nursery at a relatively young age, but I'm convinced now that it's the best thing for her. It's been really nice having had a few keeping in touch days the last few weeks. She had a whole day with her dad, and two half days with nanny and grannie, who were, of course, over the moon. Cassie gets quite shouty when she sees me walk away but as soon as I've gone, she babbles away and is back to her usual happy(ish) self. I'm hopeful that in the next few weeks, as she gets more used to other babies and different people, she can feel more confident. Fingers crossed!


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