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Week 28


I have found that I inexplicably add 'ies' to many, many words now. Foodies, bathies, clothesies, toesies...I dread returning to work and accidentally breaking into baby speak. Cassie had her first tastes of proper foodies last week. She had met all the criteria of being ready for weaning so we decided to just go for it. I can't be doing with making purées, so we are broadly following 'baby led weaning' - essentially she eats what we eat, with a few little tweaks to make sure it's safe. So no honey, limited salt and everything cut into finger shapes to minimise the risk of choking.

As with everything baby, there's lots of contradictory advice out there on the 'right' way to wean-some acknowledge starting purées at 4 months (not recommended by the NHS), others tout starting with single tastes of veg for a while, and others celebrate jumping right in with three meals a day. We decided to start with single tastes-her first proper food was broccoli. Needless to say, she wasn't impressed. Sweet and regular potato came next, then avocado, which was a big hit. Cassie had her first mini roast dinner, with boiled veg and a bit of chicken. I'm not quite sure how much she ate, but she had a good taste and was very pleased with herself. But the star of the show so far is her water! So much so that she gets screamy when she drops her cup and loves trying to slurp from it. It's so strange my little baby being big enough to sit up and eat meat.

This week, she's on proper lunches, rather than just single veg-pasta, omlette, toasties and sandwiches are on the menu. The days of being able to wing a meal are over for the moment. I'm sure as I get more confident, I'll be more comfortable with opening the fridge and making something from what I can see, but meal planning is the order of the day now. Luckily, there are plenty of meal ideas out there-Pinterest and Instagram are full of beautifully curated baby plates (though they never show the 'after' photo, with half of the food on the floor, funny that!) and books such as What Mummy Makes, with the accompanying meal planner, and Joe Wicks' Wean in 15 have quick and straightforward recipes aplenty. It's nice too that I can plonk Cassie in her high chair as I cook-she loves waving a wooden spoon around and surveying her domain from up high. Weaning also kills a good hour too-it sounds awful, but Cassie is in a really tough place at the moment-not being mobile is causing her a lot of frustration and subsequently results in a lot of grumbling. Cooking and eating with her is a lovely, happy interlude in what can feel like a very long day.


Time really is zooming by now, before I know it, she'll be after my chocolate!

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