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Week 24

Preparing for food

One of the most daunting tasks is soon upon us-weaning! Having really only just gotten to grips with milk feeds (or so it seems) with winding issues and bottle aversion sorted, it's now time to get ready to introduce Cassie to proper food. I'm so nervous and excited! She's starting to show signs that she's ready-she's so interested in whatever we are eating, sits with minimal support and is losing the tongue thrust reflex. Once she's 6 months, I think we'll be ready to go.

We've been gradually getting in weaning equipment since Christmas. She has an open cup, which are apparently better than the sippy cups my generation were given-develops the sipping skill, we have a plate and bowl that suction onto surfaces, hopefully stopping them from being lobbed across the room, a silicone spoon and of course, a high chair that has more bells and whistles then an average aeroplane. She loves sitting in her big girl chair-she can see what's what and likes looking at me preparing lunch. She's even spent time as Daddy's supervisor in the day!

As ever, there's a plethora of contradictory advice about weaning, with suggestions from some sources recommending purées and traditional weaning ("here comes the aeroplane…") and others touting 'baby led' finger foods. I think we're going to offer Cassie a mix of mashed and finger food, without making purées especially-I can't be doing with too much prep work. I've therefore spent a few hours (accompanied by a napping baby on my lap) going through various weaning books and picking out recipes. The challenge, and joy, of weaning is to introduce plenty of texture and different flavours-I'm going to need to be really mindful of this, as I am a creature of habit with my food (some would say boring, I argue that I'm predictable.)


I'm quite excited at the thought of upping my cooking game over the next year or so. Now, where did I put my weighing scales?

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