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Week 21

It’s Christmas!

Despite a last minute change of plan, due to Covid, Cassie had a lovely first Christmas. Due to her being under one, we were able to see our support bubble of Grannie and Grandad - we’re getting very good at this packing malarkey, and only needed the equivalent of two removal vans for all of the luggage. I still can’t get over how much stuff such a little person needs. She is too small to appreciate Christmas at the moment, but I’m so excited for future years - I can’t wait for the early wake-up, the wonder of Father Christmas and the sheer joy of opening presents. She did very well, having presents opened in front of her, and enjoying waving a bit of wrapping paper about! She loves lights and sparkles so was transfixed by the Christmas tree and the lights in the streets.

We have had the joy of the first cold this week - my goodness, another dip on the rollercoaster of parenting. Vapour rub, plug ins and nasal spray to the rescue, as well as a few cheeky naps on Mummy - she’s never really been one to nap on either of us, apart from when she was very little - too much to look at - but she’s needed it the last week, and to be honest, it’s been quite nice - I had a lovely afternoon the other week, babe napping on me for an hour, me plugged into Netflix - can’t say I felt too guilty at having a sit down for a bit!

It’s amazing how much she has changed in the last few weeks - all of a sudden, my big girl is able to do her own burps! That’s right, it no longer takes an hour and a half to feed her! Now I need to find things to do with her for her time awake, as she’s pushing to two hours now without needing a nap. It’s brilliant - she’s started to play more with toys (if stuffing whatever is in arms’ reach counts as play), we’ve gotten a few laughs out of her (the first laugh was at a kiwi fruit. I kid you not) and she just loves grabbing the cat - he isn’t so keen, but is very good with her.


Now she is nearly five months, we’re preparing to wean - I can’t believe how quickly the time is going! Got to brush up on my cooking skills now!

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