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Week 12

On an adventure!

When you’re twelve weeks old, even going down the road is an adventure, but this week we went on our first real adventure with Cassie - to Nanny’s, to put the Christmas decs up (Nanny loves Christmas almost as much as she loves Cassie and putting the decs up is a military operation requiring great logistical skill and the world’s biggest bag of tinsel).

Planning for this trip has heretofore consisted of Scott and I throwing a handful of bits into a bag about five minutes before walking out the door - not anymore! I’d started on a packing list a full week before - clothes, spare clothes, more spare clothes, feeding equipment, washing up equipment, sleeping equipment, toys, spare toys - the list was endless. Scott drew the line at packing the baby bath (much to my consternation - how was she going to sleep without her bath?? Answer - absolutely fine.) but we put her sparkly star projector in, just in case.

Here’s what we learned from the experience:

  1. Pack spares, and spares of spares. Cassie decided not to go to the toilet for a day, which meant that we paid for it the day after. It was a two person job, going through a whole set of clothes. Luckily, we had spares, and emergency back up spares, just in case.
  2. Don’t commit to arriving at a certain time - if there’s one thing I’ve learned from the last three months, it’s that babies are anarchists and at the moment, my timetable is directed around her eating and sleeping needs - hopefully this will change soon and we can manipulate it a little more, but not at the moment, and that’s fine. Point is, don’t commit to arriving at or by a certain time - we tied in the journey with a nap time and this worked fine - meant we arrived with a baby wanting a feed, but not starving hungry, and ready for a quick play and a look at all of the sparklies decorating Nanny’s flat!
  3. Formula takes FOREVER to prepare the old fashioned way. One of the many advantages of breastfeeding is that you always have a meal on you, but that isn’t the way things worked for us, so we use formula (see my first blog post for that story!) We have a prep machine at home (lifesaver - essentially a coffee maker for formula) which produces a bottle in a little over two minutes. We’d taken ready made for the night feeds, but in the day, used the old school method of boiling water in the bottle, cooled under the tap. No one told me how long it takes to cool the formula - about a year I think! Luckily, Cassie is a fairly regular feeder so we could plan ahead, but I wouldn’t like to be frantically cooling a bottle with a crying baby on my hands!
  4. Missing part of the bedtime routine is no big deal - I was adamant that I wanted to take Cassie’s baby bath, I was so scared she wouldn’t sleep without her bath. I needn’t have worried - she still had her baby massage (baby oil is small and portable), star light, book and evening meal, and this settled her down fine.
  5. Pack more nappies than you think you’ll need. Need I say more?

All in all, we had a lovely few days (Nanny does an excellent roast) and feel very lucky that we managed to get a visit in before the forthcoming lockdown - I feel more confident and happier as a result, though we’ll be saving up for a removal van if we go away for more than a night next time!

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