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Arts and crafts are a great way to get your little ones imaginations really working over time, but need to be supervised by mummy and daddy. But what if mummy or daddy are not the creative genius your little one craves? Never fear as Early Learning Centre has developed some fun and child friendly worksheets full of creative ideas. Click on any of our "make your own" worksheets that you can print out and keep and if you really like, then click on the buy now links, where you will find all the arts and crafts products you need.

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Do you have a little prince or princess at home? Or maybe a budding puppeteer? It could be that you just like bringing some colour and sparkle to your little ones day. Then the Early Learning Centre "make your own" range of worksheets is perfect for you and your family.

We have created simple to follow print outs for you to play with your child, where you can let their imagination run wild. But please make sure you don't let them go too wild with the scissors, (being serious here: we highly recommend you supervise your children if they are to use scissors). Arts and crafts really couldn't be simpler with our easy to follow worksheets and buy at a click of a button for the whole kit.

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