A Balanced Diet of Play
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A balanced diet of play is as important as good food or love. According to
Dr. Richard Woolfson (an educational psychologist with 30 years' experience
and a qualified nursery and primary school teacher), a portion each of three
types of play each day helps with every child's healthy development.

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Creative Play
Creative Play

Creative play is about drawing, painting, playing music, cooking, or making something (anything!). It doesn't matter what your child makes, or whether there's a perfect result.

Through creative play, your child expresses his- or herself, learns about process, discovers cause and effect and gains pride in their achievements.

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Imaginative Play
Imaginative Play

Imaginative play starts in your child's head. It can be role-playing, creating a new game, giving toys a voice, inventing adventures or playing a word game.

Through imaginative play your child begins to understand the world, investigates fact and fiction, and develops positive relationships with themselves and other people.

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Creative Play
Active Play

Active play is how your child moves in the world. It is running, jumping, catching and dancing - all of which build strength and boost coordination.

Active play is also a great way to learn about teamwork, release tension and feel truly free.

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