Corolle Dolls

Corrolle Dolls truly are every tots dream companion. Made in France, Corolle dolls are ever popular with children and the name trusted by parents. Beautifully designed and perfect for realistic play, Corolle dolls are perfect for your little one to love and care for. Every doll has great care and attention paid to its creation. and there is a Corolle Doll for every stage of your little one's life; from small soft dolls for little hands, to the more grown-up Corolle Vanilla Blonde Doll. 

The Corolle Dolls range includes some gorgeous dolls, such as the Babipounce Pink Doll and the Corolle Lili Blackcurrant. Quality fabrics are used for the dolls' clothes and soft, supple limbs, whilst the range also features some great dolls' accessories like the Pink Party Dress and the Miss Corolle Coat. Your little one will fall in love with the Corolle range, and spend hours playing happily in their very own wonderland.