Now your child is beginning to understand time, they can really look forward to the summer holidays! Meanwhile, enjoy some gardening together and help your child enjoy a play holiday. And when you do travel, your child’s growing concentration means that travel games and art ideas are perfect for making journeys fly by.

Animal Holiday

Your child’s increasingly sophisticated imaginative skills mean they can now enjoy complex games using all kinds of real and impromptu toys. Talk about what your child loves to do on holiday, then create it together. For example make a zoo from shoe boxes and animal figures, a beach with sand, a forest in the grass or a swimming pool with a washing up bowl and wooden spoon slides.

Waiting for your holiday

You can help your child learn that some things happened in the past and others will happen in the future, by discussing past family events such as parties or grandparent visits, and talking about future ones. Playing with holiday toys such as buckets and spades, travel games and more is a great way to get your child used to the idea that a holiday will happen soon. Anticipation is half the fun. Though your child might not understand that that doesn’t mean in about 10 minutes!

Spectacular Scribbling

Scribblers are the perfect travel toy. They offer such a range of play options. Your child can enjoy simply scribbling, drawing or writing, or you can play creative games together. Try taking turns to draw a picture while the other guesses what it is, draw shapes for your child to colour in, or try noughts and crosses with your older child. You can also draw ‘dotty’ letters for your child to trace around – great practice for learning to write.

This play idea is great for...

You can inspire your child’s growing imagination with all kinds of easy-to-find props. Once you’ve fired them up, let them follow their vivid imagination and enjoy sharing the journey.
As your child’s fine motor skills continue to grow, they will gain increasing satisfaction from scribbling, drawing and writing. Playing travel games is perfect practice.
  Thinking Skills
Talking about the past, present and future, helping your child anticipate upcoming events, and talking about their daily routine together all builds your child’s understanding of time.