Now your child is ready, willing and able to pick up and run with whatever game, sport or activity takes their fancy, the sky’s the limit for inspiring and invigorating active play this May

Kick off your first real sport

Your child is still a way off from mastering complex tactics, but from this age they will start to get real pleasure and benefit from trying a few ‘proper’ sports out. With just a couple of plastic rackets and a ball, soft football and a net, or a junior cricket set you can help your child learn new skills, enjoy some counting practice and enjoy some active quality time together. And you never know, you might be nurturing the next Venus Williams, Wayne Rooney, Tiger Woods or Shane Warne!

Active Learning

Encourage your child to enjoy active play while enjoying learning at the same time. Playing hopscotch is great for jumping, hopping and counting (and it’s like a giant jigsaw too). Playing target games such as croquet, skittles or quoits is even more fun when you develop your own playing and scoring systems. And taking a giant game such as snakes and ladders out on the grass to play adds crawling around to the usual counting.

Garden sports day

Now your child is old enough to really enjoy friends, there are endless options for active fun together. Bouncing around on an inflatable bouncer is the purest and more enjoyable way to spend a sunny afternoon – chasing a friend is even better. Try a garden sports day with egg and spoon races, skipping competitions, skittles, sack races and lots of silly dressing up and dashing around fun with friends.

This play idea is great for...

  Physical Development
Physical play every day, indoors and outside, is a great foundation for building strength and coordination. As your child’s abilities grow, their physical abilities and fitness are even more vital.
  Hand-to-eye coordination
Trying a real sport, with its basic rules, techniques and activity is the most perfect way for developing hand-to-eye coordination. Throwing a ball, hitting a ball and catching a ball are all great basics to practise and (one day!) master.
  Building confidence
So many games and sports need counting, they’re an excellent way of getting your child familiar with how numbers look, how they work and what they mean. From the first attempts at counting to keeping score with a pencil and paper, sport has excellent counting practice thrown in.