With spring here, get your child buzzing with fresh air and Easter fun. Dashing around outside, doing some gardening and making Easter crafts beat gorging on chocolate any day.

Easter games

Easter egg hunts in the garden are a must of course. You can even make a treasure hunt with clues leading your child from one spot to another, using simple words and pictures. Older children will love to help set it up. It’s the perfect opportunity for a family games session too: try egg and spoon races, skittles, bowling, footie target practice or simply fill the garden with bubbles to chase

Gardening together

Spring is the perfect time to introduce your little one to the joys of gardening. Whether it’s simply digging, watering and getting nice and muddy, or helping you plant some veg or flowers, your child will love getting involved. If they can have their own little patch of garden, that’s lovely, but a window box will do. While they’re enjoying the activity, they’re learning about how nature works too.

Easter crafts

Easter holidays from school or nursery are the perfect time for making lovely Eastery crafts. Whether its cotton wool chicks dipped in yellow paint with beak and eyes glued on, little Easter baskets made of cardboard or egg boxes, or yummy cornflake-crunch nests with little chocolate eggs. Encouraging your child to follow their own ideas and complete a simple artistic project builds confidence and encourages creativity.

This play idea is great for...

  Social skills
Races, games, treasure hunts and other team activities help your child experience how rewarding cooperation and team-playing can be.
  Discover the world
Getting outdoors, digging with a trowel, planting seeds, discovering worms and getting muddy are brilliant ways for your child to experience nature: first hand!
  Creative play
Giving your child materials and ideas for a creative project, then letting them take it the direction they want to is an excellent way to encourage creative thought, and help build positive self-esteem.