Inspire your two-year-old to get the most out of summer. You don’t have to wait until you go away on a ‘real’ holiday to share lots of holiday fun. Dressing up and packing a play holiday bag, chasing bubbles or playing in the park or garden with the simplest toys, such as buckets and spades is a wonderful way to get your two-year-old ready for a super sun- and fun-filled summer.

Water Exploration

As your child heads for three, they’ll continue enjoying playing with water. Use a sand and water table, a washing-up bowl in the garden, or simply fill the sink. Add a few plastic cups, characters, cutlery and anything else you think will spark their imagination. Now your child will start, using water more imaginatively, showing you that they’re learning about the world and developing pretend-play skills. They might sail a boat, or wash a doll’s hair for example

Giggling Bubbles

Chances are your child will love bubbles. Blowing bubbles is quite a skill, but it’s certainly something that’s fun to try and your child will enjoy trying to copy you. Try a bubble machine to encourage your child to jump, run, chase and squeal all around the garden. As your child’s communication skills are

Enjoy a Play Holiday

Offer your child some fun props and talk them through a play holiday. They could dress in wellies, swimsuit, mac or shades (or probably all of them if the play holiday is in the UK), find some snacks to pack and then head off around the house to the airport, ferry or pretend car. Or they can jump into a swimming pool made of cushions, take tourist snaps with a play camera and enjoy a wonderful imaginative game, while getting familiar with what they’ll be enjoying soon – for real!

This play idea is great for...

  Discover the World
Talking about what different places in the world are like (hot or cold, beaches or forests, for example) and how that affects what we do and what we wear helps your child understand their world.
Feeding your child’s imagination with simple toys, such as a mini suitcase and some holiday props such as a camera, hat and sunglasses, is a fun way to inspire imaginative play.
  Fine Motor Skills
Playing with buckets, spades, bubble wands, cups and more all offer excellent practice for your child to manipulate objects with their little hands. It’s great practice for dressing, drawing and writing later on.