Your child’s becoming more coordinated and confident as they head towards three. And they’re starting to enjoy the company of other children, as they begin truly playing together. It’s the ideal time to get outdoors and try some silly sports day games together. It certainly is all about taking part rather than winning – and that includes grown-ups too!

Let's play ball!

Playing simple kick-and-throw games with a big, soft ball is a wonderful way to help your two-year-old develop. At two, your child will probably find target kicking tricky, but they can move a ball by walking into it and lifting a foot. By three your child will be much better at kicking (though still find catching challenging). It’s a big year for balls skills, so head outdoors and enjoy the fresh air together!

Climb, cycle, carry

Your child will be keen to try complex coordinated manoeuvres now, such as cycling round corners on a tricycle, and pedalling and pushing backwards as well as forwards. They will also enjoy fetching and carrying objects (so a trike with a trailer is a great combo). Active play that encourages your child to combine active play with hand skills is perfect for this age. Pushing a chunky toy truck around the garden, filling it with toys or earth, then tipping it out again, for example.

Simple sports day fun

As they grow more physically confident, your child gets such joy from leaping, running, springing, running, dashing and diving. Try a simple sports day in the garden for lots of laughs. Egg and spoon, sack races, silly crawling or jumping races are great fun. Using play tunnels and tents, and creating homemade obstacle courses – indoors or outside – are the perfect inspiration for getting your child moving, giggling and growing stronger.

This play idea is great for...

  Physical Development
Physical play every day, indoors and outside, is a great foundation for building strength and coordination, especially now your child is learning to leap, climb, and run faster every day.
  Hand-to-eye coordination
Manoeuvring a tricycle around the house, garden or park is an active way for your child to develop coordination and discover cause and effect as they learn to steer and pedal.!
  Builds Confidence
Your child is using their new-found and growing coordination and agility to follow their curiosities about the world. Offering your child lots of opportunities to explore, try out and test – together with sympathetic encouragement as they play – is a great way to boost their confidence in following their ideas.