As Easter arrives, the air feels fresh, the flowers are blooming and it’s the perfect time to get your child out and about. Getting active outdoors is the perfect way for your two-year-old to play, every day – whatever the weather!

Spring outside

Bouncing on a trampoline, scooting through a tunnel, shooting at a pop-up goal, giving bowling or skittles a go, or simply enjoying an old-fashioned game of catch or footie is the perfect way to enjoy being outdoors. As your child grows through their third year, their physical confidence will leap ahead the more active play they enjoy.

Your child's own HappyLand

Your child’s horizons are expanding every day, and simple trips to the shops, nursery or doctor help your child understand more about their world. Offering ‘small world’ play helps your child mimic what they experience in the world in a safe play environment. It’s a key way that your child processes what they see and hear and make sense of the big world around them. HappyLand is a great way to inspire imaginative play too, and as your child heads towards three they’ll start to enjoy playing with a friend too – although you’ll still be their first choice of course.

Easter play ideas

Easter doesn’t have to just be about scoffing chocolate. Try a simple games afternoon with a friend or two with egg and spoon races, running races and other easy games. A treasure hunt in the garden (or indoors) is always fun – you don’t have to use chocolate eggs: HappyLand figures, painted hard-boiled eggs or rubber ducks are just as good! Big messy pictures and collages of daffodils, bees, lambs and chicks are just the ticket.

This play idea is great for...

  Communication Skills
Following instructions to play very simple games (such as an egg and spoon race, treasure hunt or skittles) is a good grounding for following directions at nursery and school, as well as expressing themselves.
  Physical development
The more physical play your child enjoys, the more their strength, coordination and fitness will grow with them. Physical confidence helps with emotional confidence too.
  Creative play
With Easter as inspiration, making messy pictures of a big bright sun or fluffy cotton-wool collages of lambs and chicks is a fun way to enjoy quality time as you work through a simple project together.