Your two-year-old is learning new skills every day, and they’ll get so much joy from art and creativity. Whether it’s free play with Soft Stuff, decorating paper with stickers or plain and simple messy painting, offering your child enjoyable ways to experiment with art and creativity is a great way to build their confidence. You’re giving them opportunities to follow their ideas and to feel proud of what they make. Building fine motor skills now through art makes dressing themselves and writing later on much easier.

Sticky stickers

Playing with stickers is a fun way for your child to create simple scenes and collages. You can pull up the edge of the stickers to help your child lift them up. Making a simple paper crown, and encouraging your child to decorate it with stickers however they like, is a nice way for them to create something they can wear with pride and inspire imaginative play too.

Soft stuff

Soft Stuff dough offers a great workout for little hands. Moulding, rolling and squashing helps building strength and agility. As your child grows, Soft Stuff can inspire pretend play too. Your child might like to try making pretend Soft Stuff food, such as sausages and peas, or tasty pretend cake. Or try easy Soft Stuff animals such as snakes, fish or mice with long tails.

Pasta creations

Once your child has stopped putting toys into their mouth, you can enjoy making pasta art. Threading thick pasta tubes on to string is a good way of improving concentration and hand-to-eye coordination. You can try different shapes such as wheels too. Pasta pictures are a good way to practice gluing and placing, and experimenting with shapes. Pasta bows, spaghetti and other shapes are fun to try, and your child can paint around them too.

This play idea is great for...

  Creative play
Offering your child fun outlets for their creative urges helps them develop creative thinking skills and problem-solving, which help with learning later on when they start school.
  Hand-to-eye coordination
Using crayons and paintbrushes, manipulating Soft Stuff in their hands, experimenting with stickers or gluing and sticking pasta and other materials help your child build coordination and improve precision, which is a great foundation for dressing, drawing and writing.
  Building confidence
Giving your child open-ended projects – such as offering them some creative tools and allowing them to follow their own ideas – is a great way to give your child the courage to follow their own ideas and enjoy following their thoughts through.