Your two-year-old will love the excitement of Christmas. You can help your energetic child enjoy the festive season as they are now big enough to join in in every way. Chatting and singing together, trying some easy creative ideas and working together at home on festive preparations all add up to a very merry family Christmas.

Talk and sing together

As your child passes two their vocabulary is growing so fast. Listening, mimicking, repeating and singing are all wonderful boosts to your two-year-old’s language. Singing easy Christmas songs together, such as Jingle Bells or We Wish you a Merry Christmas, is a lovely way to introduce more words. Talking, playing and sharing stories with relatives visiting at Christmas are perfect opportunities for your child to expand their communication skills.

Creative Christmas ideas

Simply cutting out simple Christmas shapes such as stockings or bells, then letting your child use their hands, stamps or a brush with thick paint or chunky crayons to add some bright colours is an easy way to create homemade decorations. Your child can stick on cotton wool too for a fluffy snowy effect. The fun is in the making, and a wonderfully messy result is just perfect.

Christmas day preperations

Your child will enjoy helping you prepare for Christmas. Rather than trying to distract your child while you tidy up and decorate, get them involved. Safe household items such as a dustpan and brush are fun for your child to play with. Even better, offer their own mini versions so they can copy you are you go. At this age, your child will enjoy using their hands and will gain satisfaction from helping you tidy up. You can get them ‘washing up’ their plastic plates and cups too, or helping you unpack unbreakable Christmas decs.

Calm Christmas

With new toys and lots of excitement, Christmas Day is fun but overwhelming. If your child isn’t keen on their nap, or has recently given it up, try to encourage a quiet time after lunch. Doing a jigsaw with a grandparent, going to the bedroom for a story with an auntie or uncle or enjoying a quiet time with some music in bed is a nice way to avoid tired tantrums later. Jigsaws, stories and music all help stimulate your child’s mind, build concentration and calm focus. The grown-ups will no-doubt fancy a nap afterwards, even if your child doesn’t …

This play idea is great for...

  Creative play
With the simplest tools – finger or poster paints, thick brush and paper – you can help your child express themselves creatively and be proud to see the results displayed for all your Christmas visitors to see. Enjoying art is a wonderful way to start building fine motor skills, which are great for writing later on.
  Learning to talk
Having friends and relatives around, playing songs and singing along, and chatting with everybody is the most natural and wonderful way for your child to build their vocabulary and develop a love of conversation
  Physical development
As your child becomes more confident physically, “helping” you around the house by sweeping with a brush, fetching a towel, collecting newpapers or sorting socks is a lovely way to stay close, chat and work on strength and fitness. Great for dark rainy winter days!