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Question: My two-and-a-half year old won’t sit and listen when I read him books – how can I get him more interested?

Doctor Woolfson's Answer:

There are lots of activities to stimulate his interest in reading – but make sure they are all fun. Start by providing a good choice of books to read. Picks ones that are written specifically for his age group, and that have child-centred pictures which your two-year-old can look art while you read the story to him. In addition, there are plenty of children’s books that are very tactile, involving the child touching or pulling parts of the page. The more he is actively involved in the story-telling experience, the more he will be interested.

As well as that, use this activity as an opportunity for you and your son to get closer to each other emotionally. For example, he can sit on your knee as you read to him, or cuddle up to you as he sits on the chair beside you. Tell him how much you enjoy reading to him. Use varied voice tone to match the story line, and ask him afterwards about the story, for instance, what happened, the name of the central character, and so on. These techniques make the whole episode much more satisfying and more interesting for your child.