This year, your toddler will get so much out of the holiday season now they aren’t a baby any more. Pushing a car to a play holiday destination, enjoying a home holiday in the garden with a fun ride-on, flying a chunky plane or taking lots of holiday snaps with a play camera are just the ticket for getting your young child excited about summer.

Junior Traveller

Engage your toddler with toys that encourage them to interact, talk and use their hands. Try scribbling and colouring kit from the junior Artist Range, Magic Mirror Laptop, Camera, My First Mobile or My First Fax and Phone as great toys to take on holiday with you. Keeping your little one happy while travelling can be a challenge, but these toys encourage pretend play, creativity and inspire talking too.

Pool party

It might be still a little too cool for splashing into a paddling pool (though you never know!), but your child can still enjoy a pool party outdoors. Fill a pool with playballs for your child to step in and out of, roll around in, and enjoy throwing out. You can keep fit fetching them all – an extra bonus! – and enjoy a game with your child.

Garden Adventures

To inspire your toddler to enjoy active adventures at home – whether you head outdoors or stay inside – try a Junior Trampoline, Funky Footprints, a playhouse or pop-up tent for some play camping. Physical play is the best way for your child to develop their strength and mobility. And there’s nothing better for getting giggly too.

This play idea is great for...

  Building Confidence
Offering new but safe physical challenges to your toddler and encouraging them all the way is a great way to help them build confidence, and trust their judgements about what is a good idea … and what isn’t.
  Physical Development
Stepping into a ball pit or pool, throwing playballs, bouncing on a trampoline or stepping on a Funky Footprints mat are all rewarding physical activities for your toddler to try.
Taking basic art materials on a holiday journey, such as scribblers, chunky pencils and pens and simple pads of paper, offer your child a chance to practice their fine motor skills as well as encouraging creativity. They’ll love you to join in too.