Last spring your little one was just a baby, but this Easter your toddler can enjoy the blossoming world to the full, as they discover the freedom to explore their expanding world.

Spring garden fun

There’s no need to wait for a perfect sunny day to enjoy outdoor play with your toddler. Try lining up lots of different balls and letting your toddler give each one a kick. Fill a shallow plastic bowl with sand, water or soil mixed with a water then let your toddler enjoy exploring with stackable cups, bath toys, little spades, chunky plastic figures or other washable toys for more fun. Beach or bath toys are great to play and dig with (and easy to clean!).

HappyLand Adventures

As your child heads towards two, their communication skills and imagination grow fast. This is the perfect age for introducing ‘small world play’, and HappyLand is the perfect place for it. Picking up and moving characters, posting people into cars or buildings, and helping the people ‘talk’ and play together is a wonderful workout for your toddler’s imagination, and helps build fine motor skills. They’ll love you to join in too, so enjoy HappyLand together.

Easter treasure hunts

Your toddler is now old enough to enjoy the fun of Easter this year. There are plenty of play options that don’t just involve chocolate! Try a treasure hunt around the garden or at home. You can hide HappyLand figures, painted hard-boiled eggs (fun to make too!), rubber ducks from the bath or whatever you like! All you need is a toddler with a basket and lots of helpful hints from Mum and Dad...

This play idea is great for...

  Imaginative play
Introducing your toddler to small world play with HappyLand is a great start to imaginative play. Bringing characters to life, adding sounds and talking through the action all help.
  Physical development
Outdoor play is essential for your toddler. Getting outdoors – whatever the weather – and dashing around builds strength, improves coordination and keeps your growing child fit and healthy.
  Fine motor skills
As your child grows through their second year, their manual dexterity improves hugely. Offering activities that need precise hand movements, such as putting figures into buildings or seeking out treasure are a great way to help.