As your toddler grows, music is a wonderful way to enrich their sensory experiences and help them develop language and rhythm. Hearing musical sounds and dancing are rewarding and energetic activities for your young child.

Learning to listen

Between ages one and two, your child's talking skills progress immensely. They learn new words every day. Because your child learns to talk by listening and copying, the more they listen the more they'll learn. Playing a wide variety of music to your child with intrigue them, develop their concentration and help them appreciate how rewarding it is to listen. Trying different radio stations and CDs in the car can help journeys fly by.

Singing along

From around 18 months, your child will enjoy trying to sing along to simple songs and rhymes. Try singing or chanting familiar rhymes such as Humpty Dumpty, Row Row Row your Boat, or the Wheels on the Bus. Toddlers love repetition, so be prepared to sing them over and over! And of course praise all their efforts. Songs are a great way to encourage early conversation and boost vocabulary. It's fun to invent simple actions together.

Mini musician

Musical toys are an excellent choice for your toddler as they head towards two. Whether it's simple shakers, cymbals, xylophone, tambourine or a musical toy such as the MegaBloks Smart Builder Piano. Your child can enjoy creating sounds as they improve their coordination by shaking, clapping or tapping. As your child enjoys making sounds, they're building concentration, expressing themselves creatively and discovering cause and effect.

This play idea is great for...

  Stimulates senses
Music boosts your baby's listening skills, and introduces them to intriguing and pleasurable sounds that stimulate their curious young mind.
  Learning to talk
Singing along with simple rhymes and songs is a good way for your toddler to learn new words. Good listening skills will help them build their vocabulary.
  Physical development
Dancing, clapping and marching help your child to enjoy moving and develop a sense of rhythm.