Help your child build a tower of three bricks from around 18 months. Cheering their attempts and feigning surprise when your child knocks the tower over will encourage them to try again. Building boosts fine motor skills and concentration.

Brrm brmm blocks

Blocks are a great starting point for early imaginative play. Try building simple 'houses' or 'cars' using blocks. Add people, animals, trains or tractors. Talk your child through each step as you build, and together bring your mini world to life.

Talk and play

You can introduce colours and shapes as you sort the blocks and build together. Perhaps build a 'blue house', a 'tall tower' or a 'big yellow farm'. Sorting out colours and shapes, and hearing their names, makes these key ideas real for your child.

This play idea is great for...

  Fine motor skills
Fine motor skills help your child pick up and place toys carefully and start learning to feed and dress themselves.
  Instils confidence
Open-ended toys such as building sets enable your child to try out, and learn to trust, their own ideas
  Imaginative play
Feeding your child's budding imagination with inspiring toys helps expand their creative thinking skills.