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Question: My toddler prefers to climb on his toys (such as his garage) - how can I help him play with them the way they were designed to be played with?

Dr Richard Woolfson's Answer:

Your toddler sounds like one of
those who likes to be on the go the
whole time, to explore everything he can and to make new discoveries at every opportunity. And he has bags of energy. That's perfectly normal at this age. You can help him become more focussed, however, so that he uses his toys more purposefully, and not just as an impromptu obstacle course!

To help your toddler get more out of his play, sit with him when he shows interest in his toy garage. Your presence will by itself have a settling influence. Ask him to hand you the different parts of the toy and comment on their colours and shapes as he hands them to you. Ask him where he is going to put the toy cars, who is in them, and so on. Suggest he puts one of the cars here, another of the cars there. You'll find that he plays like that for at least a couple of minutes before he starts to climb all over the place. As you repeat this with different toys, his concentration steadily improves and his play gradually becomes more purposeful