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Question: When is the best age to introduce my baby to books?

Doctor Woolfson's Answer:

You can start this almost straight away, for instance, you can let your baby see you hold a book in your hands while you read him a story, and you can have very simple picture books in his room. However, as soon he is old enough to sit upright with support, you can began to show him the inside of picture books (those with one image to a page). Talk enthusiastically about the picture on the page, point to it and try to draw his attention to it. While he is still looking, let him see you turn the page. If he tries to reach for the page or the whole book, let him.

Certainly by the age of 3 or 4 months, looking at basic books like this should be part of his daily activities. As your baby continues to develop during this first year, make sure he has a range of books to look at, although he probably enjoys going through his favourite one again and again. Your aim at this stage is simply to initiate his enthusiasm for books and reading, so don’t overdo it! You just want him to understand that books are special, interesting and fun. A few minutes play with books each day is ample at this stage.